Welcome to Patriot Riverboat - An exceptional provider of scenic riverboat tours in Augusta GA!

The Patriot Riverboat became an official river tour service in 2007. It is a family owned boat built for convenience, stability and fun. Built by Susquehanna Santee, the Patriot Riverboat is considered a work of marvel. The boat's pontoons are constructed with 27 separate water-tight compartments; thus ensuring the safety of everyone.

It also has a fully enclosed air-conditioned cabin with panoramic windows. Once you are inside the boat, you can admire the sights offered by the remarkable Savannah River. 
Many clients who availed the services of Patriot Riverboat were amazed at the overall quality of the tour. Aside from the grand design of the riverboat, the Patriot’s crew are trained to accommodate the needs of passengers. If you have a specific request, feel free to reach out to any of the crew during the tour. This clearly shows our dedication towards bringing the best tour experience for everyone.

Patriot Riverboat packages are also well-formulated according to the demand of clients. The Public Tour package is meant for everyone and has affordable rates. The Special Events Tour package is meant for special occasions and may have varying fees and rates. Chartered Tour package is meant for large groups and organizations; charter fees apply. Keep in mind that a non-refundable partial payment of 50% is required in advance. This payment is non-refundable unless the trip is deemed unsafe by the Captain.

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